Red Savina Habanero Chilli – The King of all Habanero Chilli Peppers

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Red Savina Habanero Chilli – The King of all Habanero Chilli Peppers – 10 Seeds

The Red Savina habanero Chilli held the record of the hottest chilli from 1994 until 2006^. It’s rated at 577,000 Scoville scale Heat Units (SHU) where a Jalapeno pepper produces between 3,500-8,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)!!!

The pods are huge! They are the hottest peppers in the habanero family.

Compare to the heat level of other habanero, it has a more fruity flavour and intense burn. The pods are really big and can grow about 2 1/2 inches long, and mature to glossy red.

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This is a high yield variety and a single plant will produce hundreds of hot chillies for years! You will be surprised by their high yield!


How hot are they?

90 times hotter than JALAPENO
10 times hotter than TABASCO chilli

See the comparison in Scoville heat scale:

A Jalapeno logs about 5,000 on the heat scale and
A Red Savina Habanero logs around 577,000!!!!

If you are not ready DO NOT TRY this! Only for the Extreme Hot Chilli Lovers, not for the scary heart!!!

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