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  • Extreme hot Thai Chilli Plant – Heavy Yielding Variety – Free Shipping


    Extreme hot Thai Chilli Plant – Heavy Yield – $29.99 each (FREE DELIVERY!)
    If you love extreme hot chilli then this one is for you!
    This plant will produce very hot & spicy chillies. They are very popular in South-eastern Asia & also in China for cooking. Heavy yield variety. The chilli turning from dark green to beautiful red when ripe.
    These plants are between 12 to 15cm in height and ready for flowering so you don’t need to wait much to burn yourself if you living warmer part of Australia. Keep the plant safe during winter and they will start flowering in early spring!!!
    They are very easy to grow & easy to maintain. This plant will continuously produce chilli for 5/6 months each year. With a proper care in frosty time this will survive up to 3 years.
    Due to quarantine restrictions, seeds/plants can’t be sent to Tasmania.

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